Embedded Insurance

via Embedded Data

Streamlining Purchase Protection via Embedded Industrialized Data

The upcoming wave of embedded finance that will shake the entire financial world is a wake up call and rare opportunity for your infant or mature enterprise to either become a key player in innovative finance or whimper in the ruins as you’re being left behind.
But you’re already determined to embark on this ship and you’re smart enough to understand what kind adaptive restructuring strategy and disruptive new concept will get you a spot, not only on this ship but among its main crew.
And that is one word; Data. In order to prepare your enterprise for an embedded finance coupling you can seek out extreme revitalization of your current internal infrastructures and procedures or even waste resources on / wait for a once in a century revolutionary idea but I propose a much better concept which with minimal disturbance for your ongoing operations, ensures maximum adaptability for any kind of “Embedded Finance Service” whether for internal application or providing external service.
Regardless of how innovative, unique or utopian of an idea is on your table, every embedded finance idea shares a common struggle and that is “How can we integrate this with an existing system?” and the only solution is to identify & solidify the appropriate Data Pins between all these overgrowing systems is the Data Manifest approach.
Data Manifest concept as a System Evolution Principal proposes reconstructing and perceiving each and every entity in the enterprise which therein, the entire data lifecycle from inception to completion & transmission is organically inscribed.
On the surface, we will define the discernible members of the system such as processes, procedures, stakeholders, data artisans, data artifacts, datastores and everything in between. This will give you not only a transparent view of the underlying flow of information but most importantly, based on a network of data manifests you will have “Precision Projection” of the trajectory of subsystems. Utilizing Ontology API Gateway as a universal pipeline for communication between subsystems and their Data Manifest interfaces will be the core facilitator for adapting new Embedded Financial modules viable, curve them to a more attractive GWP service and exponential growth.
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